Archiconcepts, a bureau for architectural design and visualization, is located in Gemert, Noord Brabant - The Netherlands. Our commissions are based on assignment from entrepreneurs, project developers and end users. The essence of our design is based on the client’s views and requirements – and those of the actual users of the building.

    Core Activities..

The office has been established on designing various types of projects that vary from public buildings such as schools and offices, private housing, housing extensions, interior design projects, 3D modeling, rendering and visualizations.

    Philosophy, Design Approach and Style.. 

Beauty is harmony of all the parts within a body, so that nothing may be added, taken away or altered, but for worse. In our practice we do not follow a certain style. We believe that each commission is interpreted freely, each project has its own individual personality that stems from the special characteristic of its needs and governed by the surrounding environment and its unique location. The result should be harmoniously integrated with its atmosphere till the smallest details.*

*Refer to the Gemerts Nieuwsblad article dated March 12th 2002 about the integration of the Pandelaar school project, commissioned by Gemente Gemert-Bakel, with its surrounding environment".

    3D Visualizations..

Computer modeling and renderings are essential part in our design process. They are basic fundamental tools that communicate ideas and clarify concepts to clients.

    Working with Other Disciplines..

In Archiconcepts we commit ourselves to the design process and solving all architectural challenges. Regarding other disciplines involvement (HVAC, electrical, civil and structural, calculations and site management) we work together with other consultants that can be selected from our associates or designated by the client.

    Norms and standards..

It is obvious that applying the strict rules, regulations, norms and standards are essential in our designs regarding heat insulation, climate control, daylight, artificial lighting and "Arbo regulations"


We apply the Dutch Standard Terms and Conditions Governing the Legal Relationship between Client and Architect 1997 (SR-97) for both the administrative provisions and the basis for calculating our fees. Although our services vary in the amount of work involved from one project to the other, we therefore establish clearly, together with the client, what is expected from us and what is not. This will be the basis of our fees.